About Shaun Letang

So yer, the about Shaun Letang section.

Maybe just watch this video for music relevant infomration about who I am and what I do:

Outside that, here’s the low down in simple to read bullet point format. Both music related and personal information included:

I Am: a music consultant. I advise musicians on how to better run their music career to increase both their fan base and income from their talent. I do this in terms of free content on my websites (Details of which can be found below), but can also be hired to give personal advice.

I Live In: London. Via the power of the internet however, I advise musicians and independent record labels all around the world. Sweet!

My Gender Is: Male. Surprise surprise…

Additional Fun Facts: I’m a believer of Karma. While I haven’t looked into the ins and outs of the definition, I strongly believe that if you’re a good person and help others, then good things will happen to you. So far the theory has struck true. 

I’ll add more about me as I have more to share. For now though, why not check out how I can help you.