Free Music Career Advice

Ok, so I know not every one will be able to afford to hire me for a personal consultation. Further more, you may be considering it, but want to know if I’m the man for the job. Whatever the case may be, over the years I’ve written a load of free guides that will surely be able to help you out. You can see all of these free guides on my music advice websites, all of which are listed below. I hope you find them useful. 

Music Industry How To

This is my main website. Here you can find a load of guides to do with everything in the music industry. It’s my never ending aim to make this a ‘one stop shop’ for all music industry knowledge, so feel free to contact me and let me know what guides you want to see on there.
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Independent Music Advice

This is the first advice website I made, and one that’s targeted specifically at independent musicians. If you haven’t got a big budget (Or if it’s practically non existent) you will find the advice on here useful.
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Music Marketing World

Music Marketing World showcases all the best music marketing guides from around the web on a daily basis. I also give some fresh thoughts for promoting your music too.

Update: This site is no longer available.

Let Me Help You:

Hi, my name’s Shaun Letang. If you’re on this site, you probably know what I do and might want to hire me to help you with your music career. If you’re not sure who I am or what I do, you may want to find out more about me or check out some of my free advice for musicians. Enjoy. 🙂