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Hi, and welcome to my site; the official website for London based music consultant Shaun Letang. Here you can find out all the info on myself (Who would’ve thought it), hire me if you need some help with getting your music career off the ground, and see a load of free advice I’ve written for musicians and music industry folk.

Shaun Letang

I’ve laid out how to use this site below, so have a look and see what’s most relevant for your needs:

About Me
Here you can find out who I am and what I do. Fun times. 

Free Advice
So I couldn’t expect you to hire me if I didn’t demonstrate I have the knowledge to move your music career forward. If you haven’t already heard much of my advice, check this page for some of my websites and tips. Be warned, there’s a LOT of good advice to get through.

Charities I Support
While not directly related to the music industry, I felt this was an important message I needed to get out. If you’re looking for a charity to give to, these are some I donate to and feel are a worthy cause.

I hope I can benefit you and your music career in some way, have a look around the site and let’s get started!

Shaun Letang.